Hon Dr Megan Woods

Jim Anderton retired from politics in 2011 and handed the torch to Woods, who grew to become the candidate elect for Wigram. When she won the seat and arrived in parliament in 2011, Christchurch was broken. There had solely been one earthquake in September 2010, when she secured the candidacy for Wigram.

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The deal secures New Zealand enough doses of the drug for 750-thousand folks. The New Zealand government has introduced its first agreement to buy a Covid-19 vaccine. Early results of a large-scale trial run by American drug company Pfizer present its Covid-19 vaccine appears to be more than ninety p.c effective.

Statewide Tornado Drill Prompts Having A Plan For Extreme Weather

This is a time where faculties, business, organizations and families can put their plans to the test so in case of a twister, everyone is aware of what to do and the place to go wherever they are. You can at present catch Megan Woods living out her wildest dreams as a reporter each weekday morning on Virginia Today. The government has announced lots of of latest carparks it hopes will clear up the ongoing points at Christchurch Hospital.

She just isn’t remotely tired, and he or she dismisses the suggestion with a shake of her head, as if tired is an annoyance she simply doesn’t have time for. She’s the minister you’ve heard extra from in the final 12 months than almost any other. Whenever one thing goes pear-shaped within the Labour cabinet, her name only has to be uttered and she’s there. She’s additionally the minister for vitality and assets, science and innovation, and the Greater Christchurch regeneration.

Two Local Museums Named Nationwide Finalists For Group Outreach

The system still isn’t excellent, but the streamlining of returning New Zealanders into hotel and quarantine services has meant that, aside from escapees, circumstances of Covid-19 are routinely caught on the border. Community transmission has not been seen within the nation in more than ninety days. The New Zealand authorities’s Covid-19 response has been internationally praised, and our death toll is the lowest within the OECD.

  • It’s no marvel she says she loves her pajamas, the sofa, and Netflix when she lastly will get home.
  • We agree it is the purest type of the sport, and Woods goes one further.
  • “It was really clear that it was going to be a serious project for any MP, whether or not you were in authorities or not.
  • During the 2020 general election, Woods retained her seat of Wigram by a last margin of 14,770 votes.
  • National received the 2011 election, but Woods gained her citizens, and Christchurch was the top of her precedence listing.

On 27 June 2019, in Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s first major reshuffle of the coalition authorities, Woods was appointed Minister of Housing, replacing Phil Twyford. Woods was elected as a Cabinet Minister by the Labour Party caucus following Labour’s formation of a coalition authorities with New Zealand First and the Greens. On 12 April, Woods introduced that the Government would halt future fuel and oil exploration but clarified that the existing 22 contracts could be allowed to proceed.