Top 10 Anime Betrayals

There are some anime betrayals that you would never expect to see in a work of fiction. In fact, the top ten anime betrayals include some very intense and well thought out relationships between the characters. What I am talking about is a romantic relationship. It may not seem like it, but the characters of these anime are so deep and mysterious that it could be impossible for us to understand their motives. The top betrayals in anime are usually related to a romantic relationship.

The top betrayals in anime are mostly said to be between male characters, especially between two brothers. These two relationships were very popular in the earlier years of anime and became a hot topic in fan forums. Most of the time, these anime betrayals involve the development of different feelings and relationships between the characters. There are a few examples that you can look at, such as Nodame in Order from Aldnoah.Zero. This anime has the unique subplot of Akio, who was forced to marry his twin sister Aoi, as well as Daichi, who as you may know, has feelings for his cousin, Eriko. Many people consider this series to be one of the top anime betrayals ever created.

It has been said that the most common and considered to be the most well known anime betrayals are between the male characters. Not all of them were true in every case, though. There were also several true ones that fans tried to find explanations for and try to reconcile. These are the most popular relationships that fans get worked up about and take the time to figure out the answers and why they do what they do.